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Why Your Product Design Matters for Your Customers

Addicting product design is possible even when you do not have an arts background. You don’t have to shell out an arm and a leg in your production to do so. And even if it will cause a dent on your operations cost, give it a lot of thought. It’s important.

Here are some things to consider when you are designing your product or test-driving a service or product to new customers.

The Devil is in the Packaging Details

Before you head out to check out some packaging supply in Utah or elsewhere in your business operations, you need to figure out what exact materials do you need. If you are selling essential oils, you need amber glass bottles instead of plastic ones that react with some oils.

If you are selling ice cream, maybe you can throw in an ice pack freebie (or for a tiny extra fee) so that they can take it home without worrying about melting it after driving in long distances. Know in advance what material of packaging you want so that you won’t get lost in the details later.

Consistency with Your Branding is Key

The human brain likes patterns. You need to design your product in a way that it will still ultimately tie or connect to your company’s branding. If it’s not aligned with your branding, it will not last long or have a sustainable effect.

If you haven’t given the branding much thought in relation to your product’s design, now is a good time to do so.

‘Worth the Money’ is a Matter of Perception

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Are you packaging it in the right size and for the right price? The truth is, if your branding game is strong and your product quality is excellent, customers will be willing to pay ridiculous amounts just to stay loyal to a brand that they personally trust.

Getting them hooked on the product is easier when they are hooked on your branding and marketing message, to begin with. Establishing trust makes purchasing from you always worth their money no matter what.

Empathy Matters

Designing your product should be an empathetic response to what the customer wants and needs. And often, what the customer thinks he wants is not usually what he actually wants or needs. You need good probing skills to investigate the behavior and preferences of your target market.

You can take surveys, but the more subconscious the behavior of your customer, the better for your research. Surveys still give consumers a conscious effect that they are being watched or observed. If you can tap or research or step in the customer’s shoes in a manner that is not affected by surveillance, your findings will be more effective.

Design your product with the customer in mind. This empathetic response to designing the product will catapult your business to much success. Your attention to little details like the packaging materials will also be a prominent factor to overall longevity or the ability of customers to patronize or stay loyal to your offerings.

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