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Office Design Tricks That Will Boost Your Productivity

The most significant factor in improving one’s productivity at work is not the automation tools or any other technique. It’s actually the design of the office or the home office for those of you in a home-based work setup. Your overall ability to be productive apparently lies in your surroundings. That means that you can focus more if you are surrounded by things that will improve your concentration. But if you’re working in a room where your kids are arguing over who gets to hold the remote control, then that’s not really a good look.

A well-designed office with fine art printing in Salt Lake City can increase one’s productivity by as much as 20%. Still, many people find it hard to invest in the office design. Many of them believe that it’s a waste of resources to repaint or redesign the office. Fortunately, there are simple hacks that will improve your office’s design and, therefore, your productivity.


Not many people think that lighting has a huge impact on one’s productivity, but it does. Bad lighting will cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and nausea. You may even feel extra irritable when the lighting is bad in your office.

Try to open the windows more often if you can. If your office has no access to natural light, install natural light bulbs or a light therapy device. If you’re working at home, try to set up a workspace on your deck or in the backyard.


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on good furniture, but, at the very least, buy ergonomic chairs and tables for yourself. Since you’re going to be sitting for almost six to eight hours, you need the right support for your back and legs. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from cramps, strained muscles, and back pain. Even if you’re working at home, look for an ergonomic chair and table.


You have to surround yourself with colors that will improve your productivity. Blue is the most common color identified for boosting productivity. The right colors will evoke an emotional response. You can choose to repaint your office walls if that is allowed. Stick to neutral and light colors because dark ones tend to make people feel lethargic. You can also bring some paintings, drawings, and sketches to keep everything balanced.


Spend 10 minutes every morning cleaning up your office table. You’ll find this cathartic. You’ll also be able to work better if everything is in its proper place. Make sure that the papers are filed and organized so that they don’t distract you later on. If you are working at home, everything is a potential for distraction. Try to create one area of your home where there’s no dirty dishes, candy wrappers, bills, and many other things.

There are a lot of other cheap and easy things that you can do to improve your office design. But, as always, stick to where you’re comfortable. Think of what will benefit you rather than what others think or what blog articles say. Your comfort and the way you feel about your office should still be your top priority.

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