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Transforming Your Home’s Facade From Basic to Fabulous

Our home’s exteriors, especially the facade, needs special attention since it defines the property’s curb appeal and sets the tone for your entire space. If your home is a builder-basic, chances are your front door and facade are just made up of standard materials and plain colors that become uninteresting in time. If you’re looking to improve that, this blog has got you covered.

Instead of just repainting your entire facade and putting some decor on it, try to go all out to make it appear more expensive than it actually is! Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make that happen. Here are some amazing tips to make your facade look fresher and more luxe:

1. Install a Decorative Security Door

If having a gate right at the door isn’t a norm in your neighborhood, then a sturdy decorative security door will make your facade unique and more eye-catching. This extra front door feature boosts security and aesthetics in one, with numerous beautiful designs to choose from.

2. Paint Your Front Door in an Unusual Shade

Typical front door colors tend to be just whites and browns, and perhaps some reds, so if you want yours to look more fab, steer clear of the safer color choices. Choose a unique shade that matches with your home’s overall color palette.

If your exterior paintwork is predominantly warm gray, for example, a lime front door may complement it well. If you want a moodier shade, slate blue will work amazingly. But if you’re not afraid to be more playful and quirky, then go for bolder colors such as orange or yellow. Just remember to achieve coordination and contrast to make it balanced and appealing.

3. Upgrade Light Fixtures

Builder-basic and dated light fixtures don’t do much in accentuating your facade, so upgrade those into timelessly trendy pieces such as sconces. Improve your walkway and driveway’s lighting as well if they’re looking mediocre or outdated. If the budget is tight, a genius trick is to paint the old light fixtures black, and they’ll instantly look more modern.

4. Maintain Your Yard

Cut the grass, pluck out weeds, tend to your flower beds, trim shrubs and bushes, and spruce up the driveway. Maintaining your yard alone can already do the magic on your facade and curb appeal, so this trick is also best if you’re on a budget.

5. Change Your Front Door’s Material

front door

If you’ve generously saved up for a facade makeover, consider splurging on a new front door material. A distressed metal front door, for example, may appeal to you if the industrial design trend got you hooked.

For a more versatile pick, go for a mix of wood and steel. It suits nearly any style, but most especially contemporary and rustic.

If your interiors lack natural light, try a glass panel front door, and kick it up a notch by surrounding it with glass walls. Just have it filmed and install elegant window treatments for privacy purposes. Be sure your security system is also effective, as some glass types are easily breakable.

These facade makeover tips are easy and mostly inexpensive, yet the effect they deliver makes them look splurged on. It can increase the value of your home as well, giving you an advantage should you decide to sell it in the future.

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