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Reasons to File a Bankruptcy Case

Have you paused and wondered why some people consider filing for bankruptcy? Initially, filing for bankruptcy seemed like a thing for financially irresponsible people or people with a never-ending financial crisis. However, that’s no longer the notion about filing for bankruptcy. Some financially responsible people still find it useful to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case with a bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City. But what are the reasons that would propel one to file for a bankruptcy case? Here are a few:

Debt on Credit

Credit cards are an ideal form of payment that an individual can use to pay for goods or services. However, when the debt on the credit card is too high, it can be overwhelming for the credit card holder. Credit card companies will notify you when the debt is large and advise you to stop using it. In that case, filing for bankruptcy is a workable solution.

Failed Business

Even the most successful businesses have been at the verge of failing at some point. To salvage the business, business owners put their money into the business. Not all businesses get on their feet even after that. Such a scenario can cause the owner to lack even the little funds necessary to run the business and their personal lives. Filing for bankruptcy cases for both personal and business will salvage the situation.


If you ask anyone who was employed at one point and is not if they figured the sacking happening high chances are they will tell you the unemployment caught them off-guard. Finding a job after losing one is never a guarantee. When the unemployment compensation gets depleted, one turns to use credit cards for payments. If they eventually land a job, these individuals can be deep into debt and need help. Filing for bankruptcy gives the individuals an opportunity to gain control of their finances.

Losing a Spouse

Issues that cause individuals to lose a spouse such as death and divorce are usually unpredictable. Imagine a family that depended on two sources of income and now has to adjust to one stream of income. The situation can be hard on a family and the remaining spouse. The sole breadwinner may resort to taking out debt to pay for the needs in a home. Losing a source of income after divorce is a valid reason to file for a bankruptcy case.

Medical Bills

Man working on household financesLife-limiting illness and emergency medical needs are the leading causes of debt among families. Even in the availability of insurance covers, medical bills can skyrocket within a short time. Besides the bills, illnesses affect the working ability of the ill person. That means that bills will be increasing without an incoming form of income.

Filing for bankruptcy is not a bad thing as many people tend to portray it. If you are struggling financially, it is best that you file for either Chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy relief with a bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City. Staying with the financial problem for long worsens the situation. When you take the plunge in solving the issue with an expert in bankruptcy issues, the sooner you get out of your problem and build on financial stability.

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