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Redesigning Your Office Space for Improved Productivity

Because of COVID-19 restrictions on leaving the house according to social distancing, many have turned to working from home to keep safe, all while still earning a steady income. However, this sudden move of workspace hasn’t been easy for everyone. Some are distraught with the change of scenery, and therefore less productive. There are many ways you can get that productivity back, one of which would simply be redesigning your office space as a whole to match your current needs and wants.

How a Redesign Can Optimize Your Office Space

But how exactly does a redesign optimize your office space, hence improving your overall productivity? Firstly, a redesign can help you keep organized. Keeping organized allows you to keep your ideas organized and make for a steady flow of thoughts while working. Secondly, it will enable you to create a work environment that is specifically for you.

Your office space should cater to your needs and wants during work without trouble, therefore allowing you to get more work done at a faster pace. And thirdly, it will enable you to be more creative. Research shows that creative thinking leads to people working without boundaries and removes the fear of failure. As a whole, a redesign will allow you to work with less stress, less mess, and less doubt.

Simple Ways to Redesign Your Office

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Get rid of or redo any unneeded or uncomfortable furniture

If there is anything that lessens one’s productivity, it is discomfort and clutter. It would be best if you got rid of anything that causes discomfort as you work, may it be a chair that isn’t as soft as it used to be or a shelf that doesn’t seem to be serving its purpose. As long as it isn’t needed or has become a hindrance, get rid of it. However, if you do want to save some money, you may also upcycle that old chair and shelf, so you not only get rid of that discomfort and clutter, but you may even get something new in your office that can be put into good use.

Invest in some organizers

Speaking of clutter, some of the items you actually need to be productive might begin to look like clutter if they aren’t organized. That is why investing in some organizers wouldn’t be a bad idea, and it can be as small as a mini cabinet or as big as a desk made of reclaimed wood with storage drawers. You may even use an old mug to keep your pens or upcycle some old boxes if you don’t want to spend too much. As long as it can keep your things and keep you organized, it will work just fine.

Change the lighting

As we all know, lighting is crucial when it comes to working. It helps you see what you’re doing, but that is not its only purpose. Research has proven that lighting can impact productivity, mood, well-being, and health. Although natural light is best, not all spaces have access to it. The best substitute is to invest in any lights that can mimic natural sunlight like high-quality, full-spectrum LED lights.

Keep it simple

Even though the thought of redesigning often brings decor to mind, it doesn’t mean you should fill your office space with them. Although they look nice at first glance, with time, too much decor often becomes an eyesore that hinders your productivity rather than improves it. If you do intend on adding some decor to your office, keep it minimal. A few paintings and trinkets will suffice since some pops of color can help you feel more energized while working.

Have a place to rest

Although working longer does seem to result in more productivity, the quality of work you produce is affected if you are too tired. Taking breaks and having a place to do so is essential. It can be a small couch or even a hammock in the corner of the room. As long as it allows you to rest your mind and makes you feel more comfortable between paperwork and Zoom meetings, it can surely make you more productive.

The sudden change of scenery may negatively affect your productivity, but redesigning can aid you in optimizing your office space. You can gain back and even improve your said productivity and stay less stressed and disorganized. Doing all this allows you to work faster, achieve a better flow of thoughts and ideas, and boost your determination overall. Thus, you may not only work smart and hard but in comfort and peace as well.

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