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Why You Need to Hire Professional Cleaners Before Moving into Your New Home

An uninhabited house isn’t necessarily cleaner than an inhabited abode. Sure, you won’t find food scraps and dirty laundry in the place, but those aren’t the only mess that spoils a home. Mold, mildew, dust, and other types of bacteria and germs also lurk on the corners and surfaces. And they can be more widespread in a vacant dwelling.

Hence, even if your new home looks spotlessly clean, you still need to decontaminate it thoroughly before moving in. After all, we should’ve learned by now that tidy things can also pass around viruses and diseases. Even indoor air isn’t always safe; a March 2020 study has found that the COVID-19 virus can linger in the air for up to 3 hours.

For that reason, consider hiring professional cleaners to decontaminate your new home. Their sophisticated cleaning methods and tools can eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses better than household-grade cleaning supplies. And even if there’s no pandemic, their services are a lifesaver. They’ll literally do the dirty work for you, while you rest and relax while waiting to move in.

Below are the rest of the reasons you should trust professional cleaners:

1. They’re Experts

You may have mastered the art of dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, but pros don’t just do them better, they also follow certain industry standards. They can specialize in specific types of dirt too, such as mold, for example. Reputable air duct cleaning service companies will ensure that your ducts are free of disease-causing mold, while gutter cleaning pros will guarantee that rain and moisture won’t cause molds in your attic and ceilings.

2. Some Bacteria May Cause Diseases

A little exposure to bacteria won’t hurt, but some of it can cause diseases, especially to children, seniors, and people with weaker immune systems. Those harmful bacteria include yeast and mold, fecal matter, and viruses.

Though you yourself can disinfect the surfaces where these bacteria and viruses may live, leaving them to professional cleaners will give you peace of mind. They take health concerns into account, so they can guarantee a safe and healthy home.

3. Certain Areas in a Home Need More Attention Than Others

When you’re cleaning an entire home by yourself, you may get too tired to pay scrupulous attention to a certain area, and just clean everything briefly. But that may leave the kitchen, bathrooms, knobs, handles, switches, and furniture still dirty.

Viruses, E.coli, and salmonella may linger on kitchen countertops. Though the previous owner of the home has likely cleaned them off already, you’d never know how thoroughly they did. The bathroom, especially the floor around the toilet, may also harbor fecal matter and mold. And it’s no stranger to us that knobs, handles, and switches are riddled with bacteria. Furniture may also be dirty, especially if its previous owner used it a lot.

By hiring professional cleaners, those areas and things will be dealt with thoroughly. They’d deep-clean upholstered furniture so that you can lounge or lie down on it without fearing for your health.

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4. The Indoor Air May Have Some Toxic Chemicals

Aside from the COVID-19 virus, toxic chemicals may also lace the air. These include PFAs, fragrance chemicals, flame retardants, phenols, and phthalates. They are contained in dust particles, which you may inhale.

Children are particularly vulnerable to these toxic chemicals’ effects. So if you’re visiting your new home with them, don’t let them touch the floors (especially vinyl), window treatments, plastic materials, furniture, rugs, and upholstery, unless they’ve already been cleaned by professionals. Those things contain the toxic chemicals mentioned, so don’t be fooled by their spotless appearance.

5. Cost-efficiency

You don’t have to spend a ton to hire a skilled professional cleaner. If the budget is tight, you can do some cleaning yourself, and leave the difficult parts to pros, like the roof, gutters, crawl spaces, and ducts. You can also opt for maid services, where a housekeeper can come into your home on assigned days.

But if your home is newly constructed or renovated, you should definitely get post-construction cleaning services. It’s a specialized service designed for newly built homes that may contain toxic construction dirt and chemicals.

6. Convenience

Lastly, hiring professional cleaners guarantees convenience. Just give them the keys to your new home, and you can focus on your other responsibilities as they do their jobs. In a few hours, they’ll report back to you and show you your fresh, clean, and safe space. Your investment will be totally worth it, and you’d move into your home ready to get settled.

Cleanliness is probably the most valuable trait we had acquired in 2020, so let’s bring it to 2021 and to the years beyond.

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