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The Efficient and Versatile L-Shaped Kitchen Could Be Yours

Laying out a kitchen should be easy, but if you are planning a renovation so many things could get in the way. The available kitchen space should guide you into making the right decision. That’s a good start. If you are still open to suggestions, how about placing the quartz countertops you ordered in Salt Lake City in an L-shaped kitchen layout?

A multipurpose layout

What do you really want in your new kitchen? A renovation would only be worthwhile if it adds more space, makes meal preparations easier, or eases the flow of daily traffic. For a modern multi-purpose kitchen, perhaps you can derive inspiration from the L-shaped kitchen layout.

This layout is popular and adaptable. Are you keen on knowing more?

A work triangle or two

The L-shaped layout is a classic choice for an average kitchen. Designers recognize its worth as the most efficient use of the kitchen triangle. It offers the most effective utilization of corners. It works well with a large area but can be adapted to fit in a contemporary condominium.

The work triangle consists of counter space occupying two walls. There should be enough surface area for essential kitchen work. One side of the triangle can be dedicated to food preparation, while another side can serve as the cooking station.

The L-shaped layout maximizes available space while allowing the cook, and other people who use the kitchen to go in and out unimpeded. As a kitchen floor plan, the L-shaped layout is an old favorite.

Central island magic

The L-shaped kitchen is a popular design – almost a gold standard. While older homes enjoy the classic L-shaped design, there is an additional element characterizing modern houses. The central island is an essential addition for families needing extra counter space.

The addition allows for a kitchen with an additional work zone. In some settings, the addition of a central island adds another work triangle to the kitchen. In this arrangement, two busy cooks could prepare food at the same time without butting heads and bumping into each other.

The size of the central island would depend on available space and uses attributed to the kitchen. For some households, it offers not only extra counter space but additional storage areas as well (think shelves and cabinets). Some homes utilize the central island as a dining space!

Additional seating area in extended households should not be a problem with a spacious L-shaped kitchen.

More storage

kitchen storage

For many homeowners, the main issue for renovation is a lack of cabinet space. If you haven’t tried out an L-shaped layout, then perhaps this is the best time to embrace it. After all, it offers plenty of wall space for storage cabinets.

If cleaning and maintaining the kitchen is always a heavy chore due to the clutter on the counters, then you must work for maximal utilization of wall space.

Planning a kitchen renovation could give you a headache. So many options abound! We recommend starting simple and making the most of the classic L-shaped layout. There is no other kitchen layout more useful, flexible, and efficient.

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