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Small Space Living: Tricks to Making Your Home Appear Bigger

Given the high price for many residential properties, especially ones located in big cities, more and more individuals opt to get smaller spaces. These days, small-space living becomes one of the best practical yet exciting options for many. Little spaces are easier to organize, cheaper to decorate, faster to clean, and even promote stress-free minimalism. And the most amazing thing about living in smaller spaces? It’s more environmentally and financially sustainable.

Living in tight yet cozy quarters isn’t just helpful in reducing your energy bills but also your environmental footprint. By having less space, you tend to use fewer resources, buy fewer but better items, and ultimately, be gentler to our planet.  So, if you’ve just bought an affordable house and lot and are looking for ways to maximize the space you have, check out our tips below.

Keep everything low profile

One smart way to have more headspace and make your entire space look bigger is to utilize long-slung pieces of furniture. Doing so can make a room feel more open and leave more space above. For instance, you can opt for a loft bed and put a mattress on the floor and a single bulb to better emphasize the room’s height. You can also use classic low-to-the-ground sofas in your living room.

Use contrasts and light colors

Painting your rooms in light colors can make them appear brighter, cleaner, and bigger. Light-painted walls are more reflective than dark ones, making your room feel airy and open. Some of the best options you got are soft tones such as blues, greens, and off-white. Another smart trick to make the space more open is to paint your wall moldings or trims in much lighter shades than the walls. For your furniture, you can choose those in lighter neutrals such as pale lavender and muted sage green. Overall, it’s best to use a limited color palette to prevent visual clutter in the space.

Be creative with lighting

Besides painting your walls in light shades, adding creative lighting effects can also make your living space look larger. The first option is to install big and wide windows to bring in as much natural light as possible. If you have no huge windows, but got several small ones, utilize sheer coverings to maximize natural light. In case you have few windows, or you don’t prefer opening up to the outside view, spread out and use various lighting fixtures like lamps to brighten your space.

Take advantage of smart storage

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If you don’t store things smartly, you’ll end up with a cluttered and tighter space. Hang your photos instead of placing them on your furniture to make use of your wall space. To better optimize your space, use multi-functional storage solutions. You can now find beds, tables, and seats with hidden storage where you can keep your clothes, blankets, and all kinds of valuables. You can use hanging baskets in your kitchen to store things such as herbs, vegetables, and fruits and cabinet organizers to add new surfaces or shelving space.

Scale it down

Learning to minimize is part of small-space living. The idea is, if furniture brushes up against a room’s boundaries, either sideways or up and down, it is too big for the space. So, when buying a sofa, a dining table, or a bookshelf, makes sure there’s enough air between them and your walls. Always think about how much space an item will take before buying them. If you want to put in big statement pieces such as mirror or wall art, hang them on the wall. You can also opt for hanging racks instead of standing ones so you can save more floor space.

Do the mirror magic

If you do not know yet, mirrors have the magic to make a room look bigger. In fact, they are among the most popular items used in home decorations to create a better sense of openness. They can trick your eyes into seeing more space by reflecting the views and light. If you have the wall space, you can place a huge mirror in the room. Or, opt for small mirrors but place them near a window to create the illusion of having another window in the room.

By following our fantastic tips above, you’ll have another great reason to fall in love with your new small space. Don’t lament about having a little home, as you can always find ways to make it look bigger and more aesthetically pleasing. What are you waiting for? Maximize your space right now and celebrate the perks that come with dwelling in a small home!

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