What Roles Can Your Tennis Court Have?

It’s been a while since you played on your Utah home’s tennis court. It has undergone a lot of wear and tear and is now too dangerous to play in. Then again, you didn’t play on it that often anywhere. It was simply something you had in your home that you took for granted and played on for fun on rare occasions.

But what you may not realize is that your tennis court is a much bigger asset than you realize. It has many functions that you could use it for. That’s why you should consider resurfacing it.

So why should you invest money in resurfacing the tennis court at your Utah home? What is in it for you?

   1. Tennis is an excellent form of exercise that will boost your health

The average cost of gym membership in the U.S is $58. That amounts to $696 a year. But if you have a tennis court, you don’t need to spend money on other forms of fitness activities if you don’t want to. Playing tennis regularly offers you plenty of health benefits.

When you play tennis for an hour, you can lose about 400-600 calories, depending on your body. Since it is an aerobic form of exercise, it helps to improve your circulation and heart health.  By playing the game you can also lose weight and look better. But that’s not all. Tennis can help you improve your bone density, agility, flexibility, and coordination.

With these, you’d know it’s worth resurfacing your tennis court for fitness and health benefits alone.

  2. Tennis can help you work out your stress and rage

If you are stressed about or angered at issues in your life, a game of tennis with a playing partner can be tremendously helpful. Because it is a form of sport, playing tennis stimulates endorphins, which are happy hormones. They boost mood and reduce stress.

Having a tennis court outside your home is a good thing. Whenever you are stressed out or mad, you can work issues in your head by playing. That way, you can make sound decisions instead of doing something ill-advised in the heat of the moment

   3. Tennis is a recreational sport that can help you bond with your loved ones

tennis practice

Playing tennis is not just about exercise but can be done for fun, too. Instead of making excuses about lacking time to go out with your loved ones, you can simply change your clothes, pick up your rackets, and play a game or two with them. You get to exercise and relax at the same time.

Your children can learn how to play the game from you, and you will bond as a family. The memories that you make together over many games of tennis will be worth remembering for decades to come.

   4. Tennis can help promote teamwork

Tennis can be played by teams of two people. And that makes it an excellent tool to promote teamwork among your family members, friends, relatives, and colleagues. If you are dealing with people who keep on clashing with each other, you can put them in the same team and have them play another team in a game or two of tennis.

To win, they must learn to play together as a unit. That’s how they can learn teamwork. In turn, that will enable them to get along better in the future.


That tennis court in your Utah home can be more functional than you let it. But it may need resurfacing before it is conducive for playing. While it may cost more than your gym membership upfront, it is a worthwhile long-term investment. How many activities do you know that offer you the chance to exercise and stay fit, unwind, bond with your loved one, and enhance teamwork among those in your social circle?

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