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What You Can Do to Make the Most of an Old Home

Land and housing prices in the United States are constantly rising. For many, building a house from scratch is just too expensive, and that’s why many choose to remodel an old house. If there are parts of it that can still be used, you can save more by refurbishing it. Experts say that demolishing and rebuilding will be 20 percent more expensive than making extensive improvements.

In hindsight, it may seem like there is a lot of work to do. Don’t be too overwhelmed by what needs to be done. To help you get started, start by doing these.

Consult an expert on damages

The first thing you need to do is have the house inspected to check how bad the damages are. If it has been neglected for decades, there will be structural issues that need to be fixed. Some houses may not be as bad as others, and there could be parts of it that can still be used to reduce the cost. Hiring a team of professionals to inspect and identify the problems will be necessary.

With old houses, water damage is one of the main problems. Data by the Institute for Business and Home Safety say that houses that are over 30 years old are three times more likely to have problems with plumbing and drainage. It is a serious problem for homes because it causes the foundation and the walls to rot. When this happens, you have to get rid of it and rebuild everything from the ground up. Any metal structures like pipes or equipment have likely developed rust as well.

Another thing that professionals would look out for is pest problems. A home that has been abandoned has a high chance of attracting pests of all kinds. This is not a good way to rebuild a property because termite nests could already have deep roots underground.

Dispose of old furniture and structures

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In some cases, there is still some old furniture left around. For those that are planning to sell the property, you will have to find a way to get rid of them. Usually, people would donate or recycle them. However, severe damages to them can make them unfit for use, so disposal would be your option.

The first thing to watch out for is the base of the furniture. Severe damage to its structure means that it cannot be used no matter how much you fix it. Similarly, scratches and tears, especially on sofas, are a sign that it needs to be thrown out. Watch out for any termite infestations on wooden furniture.

To get rid of them, you can contact a disposal bin rental to gradually eliminate them while you are doing renovations to the property. This is best if you have many items to remove, and they offer a variety of sizes for larger items. For items that you can transport on your own, you can take them to the scrap yard or see if a local collector would want to make use of it.

Modernize the design

When it’s time to design the house’s layout, a good option is to make it look more modern. Create a floor plan that maximizes the space and creates functional features. For those that want to make use of the property, you should consider designs and decisions that help you save in the long run. It could be new material or technology, housing designs that reduce energy costs, or improvements that can increase your property value. All of this depends on what you plan on doing with your refurbished property.

An example of this is improvements done on kitchens and bathrooms. These are two rooms that can greatly affect the value of your home. At first, it may seem costly to make repairs for them. However, a home with a nice kitchen and multiple bathrooms can sell for a high price later on. Hardwood flooring can be another way to increase the value of a home.

If you plan on living in that property, adding more windows can seem like a luxury. However, it can also benefit you by improving ventilation, lighting, and heating. This will translate to lower energy consumption as you go along. Smart designs and technology are prevalent nowadays, and you can learn more about your options through your local architects and interior designers.

Once you’ve gotten past the initial work, everything will fall into place. You will slowly realize the things that need to be done to create your new property.

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